Friday, June 1, 2018

oh donut even

happy national donut day! this 'holiday' has really gained momentum & i can't complain. an excuse to eat donuts? i'm in. 
i've had a dream for awhile now. a dream to fill my peg board (normally holding coffee cups) with loads of donuts. celebrating national donut day was the perfect opportunity to do this! my dream is fulfilled. haha. 
**although a disclaimer is that these pictures had to be taken earlier in the week. no worries though! we still ate donuts today. =)

what a great way to start off a new month!

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

happy 100th birthday to the muny!

the st. louis muny truly is a magical place! during my early 20s, i would see as many free shows as i could. there is something so wonderful about watching spectacular singing, acting, & dancing under the stars! the muny is turning 100 this season. they threw themselves a big birthday bash to kick off the festivities! it was kind of like an open house event where you could go on the stage (definitely our favorite part) or listen to information about all the behind the scenes magic. from a meet me in st. louis ferris wheel to aladdin camel rides, everything was themed & you know how much i love a themed event! 

happy birthday, muny! so many fond memories shared at your place.
what show are you most excited to see this season? singin' in the rain is one of my all time favorites so that show is at the top of my list. 


Monday, May 21, 2018

cinco de maggi

okay, that title sounds rather conceited but jeremy kept calling the weekend by that name & i couldn't think of another blog post title. ha! 
this past cinco de mayo i turned 30 years old. a couple weeks before that day i started to feel terrified of that number. no longer being labeled as a 'twenty something' sounded a bit scary. after a few days i realized how silly that was of me. 30 really is just a number. that day made me reflect on God's goodness. He has been faithful & gracious even though i don't deserve it.
we celebrated the weekend doing some of my favorite things - eating yummy food, exploring st. louis, & hanging out with family! it really couldn't have been any better. 

i really love using my birthday as an excuse to try a new restaurant but i picked shake shack because shake shack does NOT disappoint.

on my actual birthday we went out for donuts & coffee then did some shopping! we tried a donut place we had not been to before (pharoah's donut in the downtown area) and went to my favorite coffee shop - blueprint!

i have to mention (so i never forget) that while we were walking around window shopping, a street musician started playing "happy birthday to you" on his saxophone as soon as we passed by! i really thought jeremy had secretly asked the man to play it but he promises he didn't (although he says he wishes he would have thought of it...haha!). jeremy thanked him for playing that & told him it really was my birthday. what a sweet surprise!
 we visited bonboni home & gift co which had a beautiful floral installation on the outside.

rudy's flower truck was parked outside so we made a little bouquet before we left. nothing like getting fresh flowers on your birthday!
later that evening my mom threw a little fiesta to celebrate. it was very sweet of her! everything was so thoughtful & nothing is better than ending the night with family & friends!!
 including a picture of the steak because it was extremely delicious!!
my birthday buddy celebrated her golden birthday! isn't she cute?!
i know birthdays are just another day but this one was a really good one. i went to bed that night welcoming a new decade with a happy & full heart. God is good!