Thursday, May 3, 2018

use your tulips to kiss winter goodbye

spring is finally in the air! the past few weeks we've gone on various spring outings so i decided to condense all those photos to one blog post. 
well, first up is not an outing, but rather another twinning photo shoot! these gorgeous rompers the girls are wearing are from joy marie clothing. they are so perfect for warmer spring weather. 

the next photos are from going to forest park and the surrounding areas. if you've read my blog then it comes as no surprise that i have a little bit of a tulip obsession around this time of year! in fact, you can search tulips on here and find many posts of tulip adventures. my mission is to always go to forest park during the peak of tulip season since they wilt away so fast. it's my favorite spring tradition. 

lastly, we have a few pictures from a local greenhouse. menzi & i went to snap a few photos & pick out a couple plants. sylvia was sleeping for most of the time & mabel thought she owned the place. haha.

we have been enjoying this weather so i'm looking forward to a lot more springtime activities!

Saturday, April 21, 2018

color run fun!

we had the opportunity to go to to the color run this morning & i'm so glad we did! we all had a blast! it's definitely one of those things that is fun to do if given the chance. although the actual run (in my case- walk) was entertaining, the best part has to be the after party with colorful chaos everywhere!

Friday, April 13, 2018

sylvia - the first few weeks

hello & happy spring! i thought i would share a few photos of sylvia from february & march. it's amazing how quickly she is growing. it seems that her looks change daily! i'm trying not to think about the fact that she will be 2 months next week.
sylvia got to be a baby model for june & january (a kids' clothing company).  special thanks to raven vasquez photography for the first photo!
love my little ladies! it's pretty fun being a girl mom. =)
sylvia & primrose have had their fair share of photo shoots already. that is never going to get old! it's something special to watch them grow up together.
maybe i like my baby to be surrounded by flowers?! haha.

my heart is full!