Tuesday, August 7, 2018

taco bout two!!

at the end of july we celebrated mabel's 2nd birthday. she's been practicing saying 'mae mae two' & 'happy birthday mae mae' for almost the whole month so i think she was a bit confused the day of her actual party. ha! she did thoroughly enjoy eating cake & cookies, but as you'll see a few photos down, she was also a typical two year old and started crying as we finished singing happy birthday. cue it's my party and i'll cry if i want to. 

although these party decorations look bold, we kept the cost pretty minimal. i borrowed most of the decor from my mom (perks of having a decorator in the family). she also made the cookie cake. check out how amazing the festive flowers turned out!
also, i went to hobby lobby a million times the week before the party to use the 40% off coupon on each individual balloon because i really didn't want to pay full price. hahaha. just keeping it real!!

happy 2nd birthday to my beautiful baby girl! i love watching you learn & grow each day!


PS - thank you to jessica for capturing most of these images!
Friday, June 1, 2018

oh donut even

happy national donut day! this 'holiday' has really gained momentum & i can't complain. an excuse to eat donuts? i'm in. 
i've had a dream for awhile now. a dream to fill my peg board (normally holding coffee cups) with loads of donuts. celebrating national donut day was the perfect opportunity to do this! my dream is fulfilled. haha. 
**although a disclaimer is that these pictures had to be taken earlier in the week. no worries though! we still ate donuts today. =)

what a great way to start off a new month!

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

happy 100th birthday to the muny!

the st. louis muny truly is a magical place! during my early 20s, i would see as many free shows as i could. there is something so wonderful about watching spectacular singing, acting, & dancing under the stars! the muny is turning 100 this season. they threw themselves a big birthday bash to kick off the festivities! it was kind of like an open house event where you could go on the stage (definitely our favorite part) or listen to information about all the behind the scenes magic. from a meet me in st. louis ferris wheel to aladdin camel rides, everything was themed & you know how much i love a themed event! 

happy birthday, muny! so many fond memories shared at your place.
what show are you most excited to see this season? singin' in the rain is one of my all time favorites so that show is at the top of my list.