Saturday, February 3, 2018

38 week bumpdate

it’s february so you know what that means?! BABY MONTH!! part of me is so supppperrr excited & the other half is soooo extremely nervous! 

i’m 38 ½ weeks. in some of my other bumpdates, i mentioned how fast this pregnancy was going. well, that all changed when the 3rd trimester hit. time just seems to be creeping now (thanks, january) & on top of that, i’ve been experiencing some prenatal anxiety which just makes the days drag.

i’m trying to enjoy the fact that time is going slow right now because these are the last few days with mabel as our only child. it can make me all teary eyed to think about, but at the same time, i’m looking forward to seeing her take on the role of big sis!

it seems important to document any cravings (HA!) so i will note that i have been loving banana peppers on pizza! mcdonalds has been sounding amazing to me. we rarely go there & haven’t yet, but i’m hoping to get a large fry before this baby comes. also, stl just got a shake shack! jeremy & i enjoyed shake shack twice on our honeymoon because we loved it so much. i am anticipating a visit there before the baby comes too. okay, i’m sensing a burger & fries theme going on & i should just stop now. haha

most people probably know that jessica & i are both having baby girls who are due two days apart. we used these last few weeks of being pregnant to do two photoshoots. we’re excited about our ‘twin’ girls! we are hoping that we end up at the hospital at the same time, but not too close together since we share the same doctor!

 the final countdown is on!

Monday, January 1, 2018

YAY for 2018!

just popping in quickly to make the first blogpost of 2018 & say HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! my only goal this year? HAVE A BABY. haha. i'm only 6 1/2 weeks away from my valentine's day due date! yay!!
these are the ugliest new year's glasses ever, but still fun! haha.

wishing everyone a wonderful 2018!!


my shirt is from pinkblush.  it's the perfect flowy shirt & the color is great for winter!
Wednesday, December 27, 2017

christmas video 2017

hope everyone had a wonderful christmas time! this is my 5th annual christmas video! that is kind of hard to believe. honestly, i almost didn't make one this year because i've had a lot of phone issues this month. haha. this resulted in me losing video clips at the beginning of december. i've been using a friend's backup phone right now so i was able to record some & scrounge up a lil christmas video. 


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