Saturday, April 21, 2018

color run fun!

we had the opportunity to go to to the color run this morning & i'm so glad we did! we all had a blast! it's definitely one of those things that is fun to do if given the chance. although the actual run (in my case- walk) was entertaining, the best part has to be the after party with colorful chaos everywhere!

Friday, April 13, 2018

sylvia - the first few weeks

hello & happy spring! i thought i would share a few photos of sylvia from february & march. it's amazing how quickly she is growing. it seems that her looks change daily! i'm trying not to think about the fact that she will be 2 months next week.
sylvia got to be a baby model for june & january (a kids' clothing company).  special thanks to raven vasquez photography for the first photo!
love my little ladies! it's pretty fun being a girl mom. =)
sylvia & primrose have had their fair share of photo shoots already. that is never going to get old! it's something special to watch them grow up together.
maybe i like my baby to be surrounded by flowers?! haha.

my heart is full!

Monday, March 19, 2018

introducing sylvia wren!

both of my children are napping so i thought it would be the perfect opportunity to pop on here real quick to introduce our newest addition. sylvia wren made her entrance into the world on february 20th at 1:01AM. she weighed 7lbs 5ounces, just an ounce more than her big sister's birth weight. we are in love! mabel has warmed up to her now & is quickly becoming momma's little helper. 

i mentioned before that we have been in the process of moving. well, the timing just worked out that we moved all our stuff  & stayed our first night in the new house on february 18th. i went to bed around 11:30 & woke up two hours later with consistent contractions. i was already overdue so i knew going into labor at any point was a possibility, but i was still in disbelief that it was happening hours after we finished moving. i was also quite leery of coming home after giving birth to a house in complete chaos, but my family helped me get things in order so i wouldn't arrive back home to total mayhem. it really has helped my mental sanity!
on february 19th, i labored the whole day. it was hard to focus on getting anything accomplished because all i could think about was having a baby. haha. i went to my parents' house & paced back and forth, stress ball in hand with the olympics playing in the background. 
fun fact: mabel was born right before the 2016 summer olympics & sylvia was born during these winter olympics. jeremy thinks we should keep the olympic baby theme going. HA! 
we were able to watch the canadians take gold in the olympic ice dance before heading to the hospital at 11PM. two hours later (which seemed like muchhhhhh longer to me), sweet sylvia was born! that's the very brief version of her birth story.
i'm so thankful that everything went well with labor & delivery. the entire experience has been pretty smooth sailing compared to mabel's birth. i prayed that i wouldn't be anxious because of everything that happened when mabel was born so i'm thankful to the Lord for answering that prayer.
there's still so much to do & organize at our new house, but i'm trying to just soak up all the newborn snuggles. it is  amazing how the last 4 weeks of pregnancy seemed like an eternity, but sylvia's first 4 weeks have flown by! she turns one month tomorrow!
it's been interesting adjusting to two babies. some days feel like a juggling act & other days are easier. it sure has been such a blessing to live right next door to family who are always willing to hold a baby or two!
mabel loves to say BABY CICI!! she also loves to try to put sylvia's pacifier back in her mouth when it falls out & throw away diapers or put cici's laundry in the hamper.
one of the most EXCITING parts of the whole day was that jessica ended up having her baby on the same date!! primrose elowen was also born on february 20th. the girls are about 20 hours apart! i'm honestly still amazed at how it all worked out. jessica was actually laboring in my hospital room for some of the day. go check our her blogpost HERE for the full story! we were able to snap a quick picture of the girls at the hospital before heading home. they've already had a few mini photoshoots together since then. our 'twins' are pretty much the sweetest together.

i'll try to be back soon to post some photos of sylvia's first month. also, thank you to my sister, mayci, for taking some of these hospital photos!