Wednesday, January 2, 2013

i dreamed a frozen dream.

the tuesday night volleyball group decided that since the gym is closed on new year's day, we would play outside at a park. this "epicness" as some like to call it, became known as arctic volleyball. it was 24 degrees with a light layer of snow covering the sand volleyball pit. we played in this weather for TWO HOURS. a cop pulled up, parked his car and just watched us for about 30 minutes.
 some called us brave, some called us adventurous, but i'm pretty sure the cop just called us idiots.

stef & i were finally able to see les miserables. what a powerful portrayal of redemption & grace! hugh jackman was phenomenal (as expected) and, even though many may disagree, i absolutely loved russell crowe's voice.

the gospel coalition did a great article showing the law vs. grace in les mis (read here).
white horse inn did an excellent breakdown of the themes of grace and redemption (listen here).

it's been a great christmas break. back to work tomorrow!