Saturday, January 5, 2013

i thrift. what's your superpower?

thrifting. it's my favorite hobby. seriously.

when people may ask what hobbies i enjoy, my response is usually something like, "well, um, i like to thrift........." let's just say it makes you sound rather daring & adventurous. =) i know my fellow thrifters will agree that thrifting is actually an exciting experience, not to mention enjoyable and fun. there is something enthralling about digging through other people's unwanted items and finding a hidden treasure and if you are like me, then you ALWAYS find treasure. it's pretty much my superpower. =)  the trick (and i'm still learning this) is to sift through what you REALLY will use/wear and what just looks like something cool or new to you, but in reality will get used (maybe) once.

thankfully most everyone in my family and my closest friends enjoy this hobby as well. we have great memories and bonding time especially during garage sale season.

speaking of closest friends......
i stopped by one of the local thrift stores to discover that they were having a major sale, mainly on men's clothing. what was an even BETTER discovery was that jessica just so happened to be there at the same time!  she hit the jackpot by getting 11 men's shirt for $3.95. woohoo! i think she has the thrifting superpower too.

i found two charming serving trays, but was unwilling to pay $9.99 for each! they were pretty darling & detailed, but, unfortunately not worth the hefty price.

i did, however, successfully add to my overabundance of polka dots by buying this dress & finding a cute pair of shoes for mayci!

you never know what you're going to find when you're on the hunt to thrift. it's an adventure waiting to happen! i have a feeling this blog will document many thrift/garage sale adventures & finds that are yet to come including the good, the bad, the ugly, and the plain ole' weird.


Jordan Herron said...

I am the occasional thrifter. Value Village is just down the road from church. I mainly look for used computers to tear apart or upgrade my grandparents computer with. But lately I have been hunting for old camera gear for my Nikon after I got my 1977 50mm prime lens and can't put it down :)

Stephanie Lee said...

Hey, I almost bought that dress! Glad you snatched it up ;)

B. Karsten said...

Thanks for inviting me to your blog! I think it looks great! Blessings! I will be following you! (As creepy as that sounds...Lol!) BLESSINGS! -Brittany

maggi said...

value village is great! i love their half off sale.

maggi said...

i kind of wished you would have snatched it up first because i probably don't really need it. =)

maggi said...

i don't think it sounds creepy! does your family have a blog? if so, you should send me a link!