Thursday, January 31, 2013

thankful thirteen (january edition)

i've decided to make a list of thirteen things i'm thankful for each month in the year 2013! i want to use this list as a way to cultivate gratefulness in my life. i know there are always multiple things/people/events/moments/situations of which i am grateful for, but i want to take the time to actually write down specific things that have occurred rather than just the general. in other words, i'm always (or at least i always should be) thankful for Christ, my family, friends, etc, but i want to remember particular things for each particular month.

so without further ado, here is the thankful thirteen january list:

  1. of course, i have to start off by saying i'm thankful for another year God has given me. i hope that is not too general, but it's a true statement.
  2. a God who will never leave me or forsake me.
  3. the fact that Christ rescued me AND delights in me.
  4. confidence that God hears my prayers.
  5. latte art. (duh)
  6. target clearance.
  7. contacts. (i've worn them for 10+ years, but two different eye wear situations this month made me extra thankful that contacts are available)
  8. an unexpected saturday morning coffee date with my momma.
  9. an unexpected donut party.
  10. a "rainbow connection" moment. explanation- i'm doing the dishes with penelope sitting on the counter & playing in the bubbly water. i start singing quietly & to myself, "why are there so many.." penelope instantly chimes in & sings "...songs about rainbows." something about the way she sings "rainbows" is just the most adorable thing.... that & the fact it was totally unexpected. side note: i'm starting to think i must have a thing for the unexpected
  11.  a new millennium falcon shirt. it's probably so incredibly lame to even put that on the list, but if you saw the shirt & knew all about my excitement, you would probably agree that it needed to be on this list. 
  12. almond syrup (again, probably lame, but so necessary)
  13. this verse.

...and there is my first little list. i hope when i look back it doesn't sound materialistic or selfish, but the Bible calls us to be thankful in ALL things & i think that can include even the little, silly things HE blesses us with. =)