Monday, January 7, 2013

the $10 thrift expedition.

some of the girls thought it would be fun to have a thrifting adventure after church! this adventure had specific guidelines to make it a bit more challenging.
GOAL:  each girl successfully find an entire outfit (head to toe)
RULE:  outfit must be within the $10-15 dollar range

    • 4 ladies with a whole new ensemble!
    • 3 ladies with successful purchases, but not complete outfits
    • 1 lonely lady who couldn't find anything =(
i decided to document the day with my fun, new video app & everyone was thrilled about it! okay, actually no one was too happy that i had my phone in their faces for a whole day, but it was still amusing.

(music by the talented don roberts --- thanks, don!!)

unfortunately, i was not able to film the best part of the day at steak-n-shake where i flicked one of kim's story dice off the table which sent us on a mad search for the missing die. this fiasco causes the table next to us to ask if they could help find what we're missing. kim proceeds to show them what the magical die looks like, but in the process spills the remaining eight all over the floor. let me just say two things: steak-n-shake floors are nasty & coffee creamers look like dice from far away. 

good times....good times.


oh, yeah....we never found the die.