Friday, January 18, 2013

the ever passing moment.

it's friday! i had two different events that i was planning on attending tonight. unfortunately, i started feeling a little yucky at work today. by the time i got home, i just wasn't up for going anywhere. instead i will blog about what is going on at the present time.

eating – clif bars 
i know this will not be a practical treat for my taste buds to get used to due to the price, but they were on sale at target so i bought a couple of boxes & i’m hooked. 

listening – still not tired of the les miz soundtrack & my love of russell crowe's voice is growing.

pondering –the art of grace shown in the book of genesis. God chose, worked through, and loved some really messed up people in this portion of the bible. however, i'm not different than any of those folks and He still loves me. thank you lord for grace!

reading – a new (to me) blog called "target does it again" (i don't know if this really counts since the blog is mostly pictures...haha)
if you know me, you are well aware that the frequency of my visits to target far exceeds those of normal human beings. the gals at this blog take pictures of all the cute stuff & good deals that are to be found at the bullseye proving over & over that target never disappoints. sounds like my kind of blog!

enjoying –a 3 DAY weekend!

Stephanie Lee said...

What's the name of this blog?

maggi said...

are you referring to "target does it again?"