Sunday, January 27, 2013

why'd you have to go & turn to ice?

yesterday we were able to go to fete de glace in historic st. charles. downtown st. charles is a quaint spot with cobblestone streets & lovely boutiques. this is the third year we have been to this ice sculpting competition & it is always a fun time. my iphone pictures won't even begin to do justice of the details that go into these carvings. it always amazes me!

but first, coffee!

this castle took first place in the team competition.

the deep sea diver took 2nd in the team competition. it was my favorite!

we tried "grandma's cookies" & they tasted warm, fresh, & homemade. can't go wrong with that!

my purchase of the day. i've recently become obsessed with almond to the point i think i need to carry this in my purse to have with me at all times.

and now it's time for spontaneous combustion. *inside joke*

what a lovely winter day!