Wednesday, February 13, 2013

hey there macgyver.

i posted this on facebook & decided it was definitely blog-worthy as well. my dad is basically macgyver. last week, he was driving back from downtown when it began to snow & his windshield wipers stopped working. using a bungee cord & duct tape, he contrived this apparatus where he manually pulled the wiper with the duct-taped bungee cord through the driver side window while driving down hwy 55. just another reason why my dad is the coolest! 

here is the proof. 

Jessica R said...

That is hilarious! It also goes to show you how resourceful we are in Jefferson County. I mean, imagine someone from West County trying to figure that out.

Stephanie Lee said...

Haha! Jessica, you're right!

maggi said...

yeah, some people said it was more hoosier jefferson county like than macgyver like. haha!