Thursday, March 14, 2013

bye bye miss american pie.

happy national PI day!

this weekend has been full of so many important events - birthdays, an anniversary, and oh, PI day. i'm not even sure if i have ever actually eaten pie on PI day. i may have a year or two ago at c-group or somewhere because i have some friends who never miss this occasion. either way, it was an excuse to eat pie & it sure was delicious! momma loving's desserts are always this way.

besides celebrating PI day, the pies were also used to commemorate something far greater than mathematics - the 58th anniversary of my grandparents!

they have known each other for 60 years & been married for 58 of those years. how incredibly amazing is that? i'm very thankful for the examples of covenant keeping marriage that God has placed in my life. love you, grandpa & grandma!!

tomorrow we will celebrate molli's birthday with a homemade pizza party. happy birthday molli! i love you too. =)