Sunday, March 31, 2013


when it comes to desserts, we don't even mess around. 

around this part of town, they are never scarce & always yummy. let me give you an example by showing just a small sampling of  desserts that were consumed on easter day. 

let's start with momma loving's decadent dark chocolate cheesecake.

this cheesecake was so rich & yummy, it deserves two photos

can you find the hidden message in the 8lb ice cream cake?

taste & send coconut truffles!

tim & stef made a super scrumptious triple layer carrot cake. how sweet! =)

jessica's delicious chubby hubby truffles. isn't her pregnant belly so cute?

i believe there were at least 3-4 other delectable treats that i was unable to capture. it's safe to say that our clan has a pretty massive sweet tooth.