Sunday, April 28, 2013

boogie woogie bugle boy.

so, we attended a reenactment of WWII over the weekend. it's a great learning experience & (of course) a perfect excuse to dress up. =) 

honestly, i never cared that much for history in high school. once i entered college i  found myself stuck having to take those awful general education classes that one is forced to take even though they have nothing to do with that one's degree. well, it turned out i had a wonderful history professor! this professor taught in a way that encouraged me to look at u.s. history in a whole new light, which led to me actually enjoying the class, not to mention the professor was hilarious. i guess that's why they make you take all those silly general classes discover something you may enjoy! now i just need to work on retaining the information that i learn because the retention...well, it's just not there. 

this battle reenactment is one of the oldest WWII reenacting events & is the largest in our area. what an excellent way to honor those who have served our country.

they let the kids collect the shells after the battle. it was like an easter egg hunt for them.

Saturday, April 27, 2013

may the odds be ever in your favor.

it seems garage sale season officially started a couple weeks ago! i hit up a few sales, but today was the first full day of saling. it was extremely wet, yet there were many sales & even a few sub sales. i didn't get anything, but the family did so that's good.

perseverance is the key to successful saling so here's to many more L-O-N-G (and fun) garage/yard/driveway sale saturdays!


Monday, April 22, 2013

hot lips

i'm officially hooked on making iphone videos at the moment. the beauty of children surrounds me so i thought i had this grand idea to make a lullaby featuring the kiddos that i love the most. well, i did make a video. warning: it is NOT a lullaby. what was i even thinking?! haha. 

mayci made this awesome looking cake.
happy birthday, boys!

little legacy in her lilac.

Saturday, April 20, 2013

a floral arrangement (kind of)

so i ran into ONE thrift store today & had tremendous success. my favorite purchase was this lovely 60s inspired vintage dress. i only paid $1.41 for this fabulous frock! i think the price was the real reason i was so pleased to buy it.

off to celebrate 3 birthdays & 1 anniversary tonight! i'll blog about them later. i wasn't joking when i said this is birthday season around here. =)


Monday, April 15, 2013


the 6th annual grace camp meeting was a wonderful time. my brain is full and exhausted!

i wasn't planning on making a video during this time, but at the last minute decided to give it a go. it's not my favorite , but i'm glad i recorded some.

Sunday, April 7, 2013

black out on 'em

yesterday, we were able to attend the black out circuit tour featuring flame, kb, v.rose, shai linne, and j'son. i was really looking forward to this concert because it included many of my favorite rappers, not to mention it was a glow in the dark party!  i've enjoyed many christian rap concerts, but this one had such high energy. i would venture to say that it was in my top 5 concerts, but that probably had something to do with the fact that shai linne was there and i've only seen him perform one other time (which didn't really count because his set was so short).

on a side note, mayci's camera battery was dead by the end of the night, which meant all the pictures here were taken on my iphone. the quality is poor to say the least.

woody put glow in the dark stuff on his hat.

our family with flame.

the boys love KB!
merri, mysti, and mayci with shai

jessica & i meet shai!

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

thankful thirteen (march edition)

thirteen things i'm thankful for during the month of march (in no particular order):

  1. the amount of love, support, encouragement, flowers, cards, etc. that flowed after Grammy's funeral
  2.  uncontrollable penelope giggles
  3. texting with (4 yr old) liam   =)
  4. the lyrics from "be still my soul" (page cxvi version, of course)
  5. being able to celebrate the 58th anniversary of my grandparents
  6. family thrifting days where you stumble upon the only mega QT in st. louis
  7. the fact that JESUS IS ALIVE & i was able to rejoice/reflect on that with family & friends
  8. the Lord's perfect timing, even in mundane things
  9. these verses
  11. owl city concert
  12. when the church bulletin's are a very pretty teal color
  13. the amount of dark chocolate i have somehow received possession of through various means (although i'm not sure if i really should be thankful or not)
until next time!


Tuesday, April 2, 2013

all this beauty.

easter sunday was such a gorgeous day. no filter needed on those cumulus clouds! somehow, i condensed our entire easter afternoon into 2 and a half minutes. take a look!