Sunday, April 7, 2013

black out on 'em

yesterday, we were able to attend the black out circuit tour featuring flame, kb, v.rose, shai linne, and j'son. i was really looking forward to this concert because it included many of my favorite rappers, not to mention it was a glow in the dark party!  i've enjoyed many christian rap concerts, but this one had such high energy. i would venture to say that it was in my top 5 concerts, but that probably had something to do with the fact that shai linne was there and i've only seen him perform one other time (which didn't really count because his set was so short).

on a side note, mayci's camera battery was dead by the end of the night, which meant all the pictures here were taken on my iphone. the quality is poor to say the least.

woody put glow in the dark stuff on his hat.

our family with flame.

the boys love KB!
merri, mysti, and mayci with shai

jessica & i meet shai!