Sunday, April 28, 2013

boogie woogie bugle boy.

so, we attended a reenactment of WWII over the weekend. it's a great learning experience & (of course) a perfect excuse to dress up. =) 

honestly, i never cared that much for history in high school. once i entered college i  found myself stuck having to take those awful general education classes that one is forced to take even though they have nothing to do with that one's degree. well, it turned out i had a wonderful history professor! this professor taught in a way that encouraged me to look at u.s. history in a whole new light, which led to me actually enjoying the class, not to mention the professor was hilarious. i guess that's why they make you take all those silly general classes discover something you may enjoy! now i just need to work on retaining the information that i learn because the retention...well, it's just not there. 

this battle reenactment is one of the oldest WWII reenacting events & is the largest in our area. what an excellent way to honor those who have served our country.

they let the kids collect the shells after the battle. it was like an easter egg hunt for them.