Friday, May 31, 2013

thankful thirteen (may edition)

thirteen things i'm thankful for during the month of may (in no particular order):
  1. late night talks with my brothers
  2. early morning snuggles with my niece
  3. MY BIRTH BUDDY (little evangie..i mean evangeline) 
  4. group text messaging. it's just more fun that way.
  5. old memories preserved on tape (JSN!)
  6. an air conditioner unit that works
  7. i won a contest!
  8. the day i wasn't obligated to set an alarm & woke up that morning to a relaxing thunderstorm (thunderstorms are great when you don't have to get up)
  9. "every time ray vinson talks i think his teeth are going to fall out"  -  this is justin's quote that made me laugh & cry for a whole week but nobody else thought it funny.
  10. the fact that God blesses us with thorns AND roses (trying to learn to be thankful for those thorns too!)
  11. freshly washed sheets - nothing compares!
  12. even though everything around me could always be subject to change, God is faithful & is still the same yesterday, today, and forever. 
  13. the completion of my rookie year of teaching!!!
"We give thanks to you, O God; we give thanks, for your name is near. We recount your wondrous deeds."  ~ Psalm 75:1


Tuesday, May 28, 2013

celtic thunder!

no, we did not see celtic thunder, nor does this post have anything to do with those men singing sweet melodies in kilts, BUT we did go to an irish festival and it did thunder for a wee bit and i saw plenty of men wearing kilts so that must count for something.
before we went to the festival, we hit up some local garage sales & then went to a big community garage sale at the schlafly tap room.

 at this event, i was (finally) able to see st. louis' first mobile vintage shop! everything about it was cute & quaint. the owner had a 'make an offer' table from which i purchased some floral bowls to add to my collection.
 after this we headed up to the annual irish festival. despite the rainy weather (at first), our vehicle overheating, then later locking the keys in the vehicle, we had a good time. the Lord used all those things for His glory and it was neat to see the sweet people He used to help us. =)

finally here!
why is festival food always delicious?

teal seats + checkered floors is a win in my book!

sweet sisters

we found our last name in the ole irish book of last names
 moving on to memorial day - we had a little bbq at our place. weather was a little rainy during the evening, but it worked out well because we got to watch some home videos! 
*sorry to anyone not in the videos that had to endure this. haha.

mommac being all grill master like even in torrential weather
after i got dressed, i realized i kind of resembled rosie the riveter so i slapped a tattoo on. i guess of all the holidays, this was the most fitting to look like her.
oh, look! another blog post ending with a picture of cute children.


Friday, May 24, 2013

summer exploration!

well, summer break is in full swing! here's a little recap of the past few days. 
first, the boys went on a walk a couple weeks ago with some of the neighborhood friends. they kept telling me how they discovered this place that reminded them of narnia, apparently named "pine cone forest." i told them they needed to take me there soon. the weather has been pretty cool this week so we decided to go explore "pine cone forest" before summer heat is upon us.

this picture was taken toward the beginning of our adventure. at this point i'm already wondering what i've gotten myself into & desperately trying to think of anything but snakes in tall grass.
between this picture and the next, many wrong turns were made & i began to question my sanity.
after much wandering, we finally arrived at 'pine cone' forest! notice all the pine cones. =) haha. the next step was to figure out how in the world to get back because there was no possible way anyone could remember the path we took to get here after so many wrong turns.
somehow, we managed to find the way out & stumbled upon this cemetery. the positive outlook on this walk - lots of good, strenuous exercise! negative - lots of nasty, ugly ticks (thankfully, i avoided them, but others weren't so fortunate)

next day, we headed up to the nearest sonic (which is quite far away since they closed the one by us) & munched on some 50 cent corn dogs. i haven't had a corn dog in a really long time, but they still remind me of the scene in princess diaries where the queen chows down on this really scrumptious  looking corn dog with the perfect scribble of mustard. always made me want one!

next, we went to chick-fil-a for a little carnival they were having.

cotton candy can put a smile on anyone's face. i'm certain of that.

 and i'll end this blog post with cute baby pictures because nobody ever gets tired of that. right?!

little L is getting so big!

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

these are the days.

the niece & i went on a unexpected day date. we ended up running around all over the place. love spending time with her! she is a joy to be around. 
first off, we made a quick stop by my work. it may not sound that fun, but she got to play with all kinds of fun toys & watch a movie so i think she enjoyed herself.
next we went to my favorite thrift store. =)
we grabbed some chick-fil-a & took it to the park.

we saved some of the bread from our sandwiches to feed the ducks.
someone was a little hesitant at first. as soon as she was taller than the ducks, she loved it.

next up was the library to return some old books & read some new ones! if you're an observant person, you may notice c3po on one of the books. that is the star wars glossary that my niece picked out. we did NOT read the glossary, but we did look at the pictures. =)

finally, we stopped for a little snow cone fun. or as she kept calling it, "ice cone." strawberry cheesecake wedding cake mini snow cone for us!

what a fun day! being an aunt is just great.  i sure have some serious love for this girl. 


Monday, May 20, 2013

oh little baby.

using limited resources & technology, i created yet another video! why? because it's almost summer and our tribe has another precious little addition since the last video i made. i didn't want my birthday buddy to get her feelings hurt, you know. 

Saturday, May 18, 2013

it all comes down (lecrae).

yesterday, mk & i had the opportunity to volunteer at the lecrae concert. like i mentioned before, i've been to many christian rap concerts, but somehow i have never managed to see the most popular of them all - lecrae! this concert also featured thi'sl, j'son, & derek minor. mk & i were assigned to work json's merch table. it was a wonderful experience to see all the 'behind the scenes' efforts that go into these concerts & now i have a whole new respect for anyone who has ever worked a merch table before. =)

the blurry front camera view. it's the only picture i had of us together.
a slightly creepy stalker picture of lecrae during sound check.

mk is ready to man the lecrae merch.

an anxious crowd ready to enjoy some jesus music!

waiting to do our job.

the church we volunteered with gave lecrae this cake during the show. after most of the crowd had left, they announced that anyone could have some 'lecrae cake.' i heard multiple people saying, 'i'm gonna go eat some lecrae cake' or 'did you get some lecrae cake?' something about this was so humorous that i had to have some just so i could say i ate 'lecrae cake'

lots of great memories! hopefully many people were drawn closer to jesus through this concert.  the best part for me was that i got to spend some time with mk & enjoy her company. that just doesn't happen enough. =)


Monday, May 13, 2013

another garage sale tale

this past weekend, stef & i went garage saling. we skipped the normal route to go farther north & meet up with tim. the best deal was stef & tim got a whole bunch of furniture for a great deal at an estate sale. unfortunately, no photos of the furniture, but  here's some other photos from throughout the day. 

cute floral pattern.

vintage michael w. smith. haha. i had no idea this record existed, but i'm sure glad it does.

i had been waiting for this lavendar & honey latte all week from vb chocolate bar. amazing!

later, we enjoyed some fritz's ice cream.

sprinkles for life!

stopped at an adorable vintage shop. loved the teal bike & door!

and then at the end of the day, this little one got to spend the night with me! of course, she wanted to use the star wars pillow.

Saturday, May 11, 2013

the birthday blog post!

wow! it's been almost one week since the events you are about to behold have actually occurred. last sunday was my birthday. i had a great morning of fellowship & worship at church. after that was pastor scott's 50th birthday party at church, hence the jailbird pictures below.

while all these things were taking place, jessica was in labor! she stopped for a quick visit before she headed on up to the hospital.

my birthday  wish came true & little evangeline became my birthday buddy, just we planned it. =)
everyone said in 25 years, scott (even though his birthday is 2 days after us), evangeline & i will need to take a 75, 50, & 25 year picture. weird to think about!
can you find the newest addition in this family of 6?

the following day, we "officially" celebrated by birthday with a delicious dinner. i threw out the idea that it would be fun if everyone dressed in their best vintage! we didn't pick a decade to make things less complicated. i'm not sure if everyone enjoyed dressing up or not, but they all looked great. =)

even the littlest dressed up! =)

i may have gone a little overboard on the flowers. =)
cute! cute! cute!
mostly sugar free desserts for a change. how crazy is that in this family?! i'm on a blackberry kick right now & that crumble was sensational (thanks, mom!).

thankful for the 25 years the Lord has blessed me with!!