Monday, May 13, 2013

another garage sale tale

this past weekend, stef & i went garage saling. we skipped the normal route to go farther north & meet up with tim. the best deal was stef & tim got a whole bunch of furniture for a great deal at an estate sale. unfortunately, no photos of the furniture, but  here's some other photos from throughout the day. 

cute floral pattern.

vintage michael w. smith. haha. i had no idea this record existed, but i'm sure glad it does.

i had been waiting for this lavendar & honey latte all week from vb chocolate bar. amazing!

later, we enjoyed some fritz's ice cream.

sprinkles for life!

stopped at an adorable vintage shop. loved the teal bike & door!

and then at the end of the day, this little one got to spend the night with me! of course, she wanted to use the star wars pillow.