Tuesday, May 28, 2013

celtic thunder!

no, we did not see celtic thunder, nor does this post have anything to do with those men singing sweet melodies in kilts, BUT we did go to an irish festival and it did thunder for a wee bit and i saw plenty of men wearing kilts so that must count for something.
before we went to the festival, we hit up some local garage sales & then went to a big community garage sale at the schlafly tap room.

 at this event, i was (finally) able to see st. louis' first mobile vintage shop! everything about it was cute & quaint. the owner had a 'make an offer' table from which i purchased some floral bowls to add to my collection.
 after this we headed up to the annual irish festival. despite the rainy weather (at first), our vehicle overheating, then later locking the keys in the vehicle, we had a good time. the Lord used all those things for His glory and it was neat to see the sweet people He used to help us. =)

finally here!
why is festival food always delicious?

teal seats + checkered floors is a win in my book!

sweet sisters

we found our last name in the ole irish book of last names
 moving on to memorial day - we had a little bbq at our place. weather was a little rainy during the evening, but it worked out well because we got to watch some home videos! 
*sorry to anyone not in the videos that had to endure this. haha.

mommac being all grill master like even in torrential weather
after i got dressed, i realized i kind of resembled rosie the riveter so i slapped a tattoo on. i guess of all the holidays, this was the most fitting to look like her.
oh, look! another blog post ending with a picture of cute children.