Saturday, May 18, 2013

it all comes down (lecrae).

yesterday, mk & i had the opportunity to volunteer at the lecrae concert. like i mentioned before, i've been to many christian rap concerts, but somehow i have never managed to see the most popular of them all - lecrae! this concert also featured thi'sl, j'son, & derek minor. mk & i were assigned to work json's merch table. it was a wonderful experience to see all the 'behind the scenes' efforts that go into these concerts & now i have a whole new respect for anyone who has ever worked a merch table before. =)

the blurry front camera view. it's the only picture i had of us together.
a slightly creepy stalker picture of lecrae during sound check.

mk is ready to man the lecrae merch.

an anxious crowd ready to enjoy some jesus music!

waiting to do our job.

the church we volunteered with gave lecrae this cake during the show. after most of the crowd had left, they announced that anyone could have some 'lecrae cake.' i heard multiple people saying, 'i'm gonna go eat some lecrae cake' or 'did you get some lecrae cake?' something about this was so humorous that i had to have some just so i could say i ate 'lecrae cake'

lots of great memories! hopefully many people were drawn closer to jesus through this concert.  the best part for me was that i got to spend some time with mk & enjoy her company. that just doesn't happen enough. =)