Friday, May 3, 2013

operation: tulip

last year around this time, stef & i were out & about when we drove past this small patch of beautiful tulips. determined to get a picture of these lovelies, we turned the car around as soon as we could. what seemed like an innocent idea quickly took a turn for the worse. let's just say those particular tulips weren't easily accessible on top of stef & i not being the greatest when it comes to directions.
2012 operation: tulip ~ FAIL

once i saw the tulips were in bloom, i knew we had a chance to redeem ourselves this year. get ready for a flood of tulip pictures because..... 2013 operation: tulip~SUCCESS!

these beauties are only in bloom for a few short weeks so it was quite necessary to take that many photos. also, someone mentioned there is an annual tulip festival in Iowa? Sounds like something I need to put on my bucket list!