Friday, May 24, 2013

summer exploration!

well, summer break is in full swing! here's a little recap of the past few days. 
first, the boys went on a walk a couple weeks ago with some of the neighborhood friends. they kept telling me how they discovered this place that reminded them of narnia, apparently named "pine cone forest." i told them they needed to take me there soon. the weather has been pretty cool this week so we decided to go explore "pine cone forest" before summer heat is upon us.

this picture was taken toward the beginning of our adventure. at this point i'm already wondering what i've gotten myself into & desperately trying to think of anything but snakes in tall grass.
between this picture and the next, many wrong turns were made & i began to question my sanity.
after much wandering, we finally arrived at 'pine cone' forest! notice all the pine cones. =) haha. the next step was to figure out how in the world to get back because there was no possible way anyone could remember the path we took to get here after so many wrong turns.
somehow, we managed to find the way out & stumbled upon this cemetery. the positive outlook on this walk - lots of good, strenuous exercise! negative - lots of nasty, ugly ticks (thankfully, i avoided them, but others weren't so fortunate)

next day, we headed up to the nearest sonic (which is quite far away since they closed the one by us) & munched on some 50 cent corn dogs. i haven't had a corn dog in a really long time, but they still remind me of the scene in princess diaries where the queen chows down on this really scrumptious  looking corn dog with the perfect scribble of mustard. always made me want one!

next, we went to chick-fil-a for a little carnival they were having.

cotton candy can put a smile on anyone's face. i'm certain of that.

 and i'll end this blog post with cute baby pictures because nobody ever gets tired of that. right?!

little L is getting so big!