Saturday, May 11, 2013

the birthday blog post!

wow! it's been almost one week since the events you are about to behold have actually occurred. last sunday was my birthday. i had a great morning of fellowship & worship at church. after that was pastor scott's 50th birthday party at church, hence the jailbird pictures below.

while all these things were taking place, jessica was in labor! she stopped for a quick visit before she headed on up to the hospital.

my birthday  wish came true & little evangeline became my birthday buddy, just we planned it. =)
everyone said in 25 years, scott (even though his birthday is 2 days after us), evangeline & i will need to take a 75, 50, & 25 year picture. weird to think about!
can you find the newest addition in this family of 6?

the following day, we "officially" celebrated by birthday with a delicious dinner. i threw out the idea that it would be fun if everyone dressed in their best vintage! we didn't pick a decade to make things less complicated. i'm not sure if everyone enjoyed dressing up or not, but they all looked great. =)

even the littlest dressed up! =)

i may have gone a little overboard on the flowers. =)
cute! cute! cute!
mostly sugar free desserts for a change. how crazy is that in this family?! i'm on a blackberry kick right now & that crumble was sensational (thanks, mom!).

thankful for the 25 years the Lord has blessed me with!!