Tuesday, May 21, 2013

these are the days.

the niece & i went on a unexpected day date. we ended up running around all over the place. love spending time with her! she is a joy to be around. 
first off, we made a quick stop by my work. it may not sound that fun, but she got to play with all kinds of fun toys & watch a movie so i think she enjoyed herself.
next we went to my favorite thrift store. =)
we grabbed some chick-fil-a & took it to the park.

we saved some of the bread from our sandwiches to feed the ducks.
someone was a little hesitant at first. as soon as she was taller than the ducks, she loved it.

next up was the library to return some old books & read some new ones! if you're an observant person, you may notice c3po on one of the books. that is the star wars glossary that my niece picked out. we did NOT read the glossary, but we did look at the pictures. =)

finally, we stopped for a little snow cone fun. or as she kept calling it, "ice cone." strawberry cheesecake wedding cake mini snow cone for us!

what a fun day! being an aunt is just great.  i sure have some serious love for this girl.