Wednesday, June 19, 2013

a day in the life.

here's a little 'a day in the life' post from yesterday.

daily bible reading = amos. reminds me so much of a wonderful jon foreman song...

listened to a little voddie.

cleaning a messy dresser! all those earrings are out because they're going to our garage sale.

kim & i went to see man of steel! i was going to keep it simple & take a picture of the ticket stubs, but kim had connections & got us in free. yay! therefore, we did not have ticket stubs so we attempted to get a picture using the blinding iphone flash in a pitch dark movie theater. this was as good as the picture was gonna get. haha.

later, we celebrated stef's birthday with gluten-free brownies.

and let's end the post with a picture of a cute kid. i was kingston's personal jungle gym. 
hope everyone is having a great wednesday! we are packing up to go camping in the 90 degree heat all.week. long. pray for us. =)