Monday, June 3, 2013

the ever passing moment.

another new week is upon us! i thought i would use this opportunity to do a quick blog post. if i recall correctly, i called these type posts 'the ever passing moment.' the problem is i haven't done one of these since january. yikes! so much for consistency.

reading - every summer i have a massive reading list to devour. i'm usually not able to cross everything off my list, but i am slowing working my way through. typically, i desire to reread my favorite really good books (*cough* harry potter) & then mary kate made a vine video (see below) that perfectly sums up my feelings...that and it just made me chuckle. i did just finished reading "gratitude" by nancy leigh demoss. it's been awhile since i read a NLD & it was very convicting & encouraging.

listening - sometimes you just need to listen to some old school dctalk. one of my dreams is for them to have a reunion tour. #rap #rock #soul #downwithdctalkforever
also, still popping in andy & shai. check out their new albums if you haven't yet.

 pondering - when in the world did my brother (who is 12 years younger) become taller than me?!?!? it's probably been months, but i've been in denial for a long time. i even tried my best with a high pony tail, but it didn't help my case. 

watching -  we don't watch much tv around here. if the tube is on, it's usually a sporting event or movie. i watched a couple of episodes of duck dynasty before, but now someone let us borrow season one so we all just began watching. we're just a few episodes in, but i feel the need to  decide which family member will be my favorite. hmm....i'll have to give it a couple more episodes to really make a good decision.

eating - lots & lots of dates as a sweetener. basically trying to use dates as a replacement for white sugar. i told my mom that I'm officially "outdated" (ba da chum).