Saturday, June 8, 2013

weeping & rejoicing

this past week, our church family lost a beloved brother. he was only 28 years old & died from sudden cardiac arrest. he left behind a wife & 2 small children. this family was in the beginning stages of raising support for training to be missionaries in egypt. even though our feeble minds cannot reasonably comprehend what occurred, we trust a good & sovereign God. this brother had a passion for the Gospel that was evident to all. he just taught at our c-group about 3 weeks ago. we are rejoicing that he is now with his savior. 

the unexpectancy of this event is a powerful reminder, once again, of the brevity of life. i have many pictures that i'm just now getting a chance to post. i don't want to take these simple moments for granted. i have much to be thankful for & much to rejoice in (as you shall see soon...).

we were made for a purpose. we were created to serve God. i know that our brother would want others to hear that message of hope proclaimed through his death.

 we celebrated the 19 year God has given sweet mayci. happy birthday, mayci!!

her birthday dinner was so colorful, healthy, & delicious!

chicken kabobs - the colors of summer!
followed by a healthy (no white sugar) cheesecake!

earlier in the week, we got ridiculously cheap seats to the cards game. the weather was perfect for a baseball game. 

kaldi's special drink right now is a honey almond toddy. this thing is amazing. there is no comparing it to anything available at starbucks.

and for your viewing pleasure -  a picture of stef & i with giant teddy bears for absolute no reason.

on thursday, it was shakespeare in the park. i am absolutely in love with this set. 

sometimes you have to read the children's edition before watching the play. ;)
and since we arrived approximately 4 hours early, here are some "just for fun" pictures

let's move on to some cute kid pictures because no blog post is complete without them. =)

 we visited the park where the biggest attraction was the sandpit. if you use your imagination, you can pretend we were playing at the beach (just ignore the volleyball nets!).

and to end this extra long post with some happy news - stephanie is engaged!!!!! congrats stef & tim!

 "Rejoice with those who rejoice, weep with those who weep." ~ Romans 12:15