Sunday, July 14, 2013

101 pounds of fun!

just another picture of a cute baby to start a long blog post...

one of the things i love about stl is that there are so many fun AND free activities to participate in. this past week there was plenty of events going on. here's a little recap of my week:

met up with these sweet ladies for dinner. loved all the mason jar decor here, especially the mason jar chandelier! while we were eating, i casually mentioned i saw something about a concert in the park. lots of those free concerts happening right now, but this one was a beatles' cover band. plus, the park has a carousel which i was super excited to see, like super excited.

one of my goals in life is  to see as many beatles' cover bands as possible. it's a lofty goal, but someone needs to do it. okay, not really, but i do love a good beatles' band. this band wasn't bad by any means, but none and i mean NONE will ever compare to American English. they do multiple costumes changes! we stumbled across American English years ago at a local festival not knowing they were going to be there & it was so much fun (oh yeah, and free!). that was about 4-5 years ago & now i am patiently waiting their return to the st. louis area. until then, i will continue on my quest to discover good beatles' cover bands. alright, moving off that little tangent.

 so i was pretty pumped to see the carousel, but it turns out it was closed. not only was it closed, but it was inside! i had it in my little head that this was an outdoor carousel which would pretty much be 1000 times cooler.

umm, have you every looked inside a dark building that has an unused carousel just idly sitting there? creepy. very. creepy.   
conclusion: carousels are best enjoyed when open & outside. 
what a sad discovery. besides six flags, i do not know of any outdoor carousels in this area. if anyone knows pass on the info, pretty please!
UPDATE - i've been reminded about the carousels at grant's farm & the zoo. i guess i'm looking more for something in a park, but these are good options to keep in  mind!  

we ate some ice cream (because you have to in july ~ it's national ice cream month, therefore it's a requirement) & sat on these cozy apple seats. a lovely evening with lovely ladies.

on thursday, we had to take advantage of 7/11 & slurped up some free slurpees. 

that evening we listened to a free erin bode concert while sipping on some of the most delicious coffee & enjoying the fellowship of some great folks.


photography explosion.

another wonderful evening with wonderful friends. thankful the Lord allows us these little undeserved blessings. He is good ~ all the time!

the next day we participated in a free event, but it was not chick-fil-a's cow appreciation day. =( this is the first year i have not dressed up like a cow since i first discovered cow day. oh well. we went to grab some free seats at the muny!

this week's show was 'south pacific.' i have a very soft spot in my heart for all things rogers & hammerstein. thanks grandpa & grandma. <3

we took the wait time before the show to capture mk's photo a day challenge. this day - bad habit!

south pacific was pretty good. i loved all the wardrobe choices. next week is les miz, which i have tickets for. i'm so excited!

yesterday a group of girls from church got together to make a meal for a family at our church. thanks sarah for coordinating everything & being our faithful 'captain.' ;)

and one more picture! when the older siblings saw me snapping some pics of their baby sister they had to join the party.

 and BOOM! you just made it through one extremely long & picture heavy blog post. thanks for being a dedicated reader. =) and thanks to stl for being a great city & offering your dwellers free events.