Wednesday, July 17, 2013

can you hear the people sing?

the muny is performing les miserables this week. we had tickets to see it monday & it sure was lovely. such an emotional musical! i love how the themes of grace, love, hope, & redemption are all explored. some of those who were in attendance with me weren't quite as thrilled with the production, but overall i can't complain. i thought the actor who played javert did a wonderful job, and he wasn't even russell crowe! ha.

some of our peeps didn't have tickets, but came the same night in the free seats.

afterwards we went out for ice cream. since they took away our local sonic, i suddenly have this new found appreciation for all things sonic. you just can't beat half off shakes with 25 yummy flavors to choose from. sonic, summer of shakes was a real swell idea.