Tuesday, July 30, 2013

chicago (day 1)

mayci & i took a little trip to chicago for the legacy conference. this was our second time at the conference & we loved it! for the sake of not overloading on pictures, i will break this trip up into a couple different posts. let's start with day one!
we traveled in true roadtrippin' fashion & stopped at every cheesy touristy place along the way. first up was this awesomely gaudy antique shop.
this is one of those places we always pass when traveling through illinois. it's easy to spot & i've always wanted to check it out, but never have because usually we're on some sort of schedule. it is a giant gymnasium full of antiques!

the outside has some great photo ops. =)

also, it is national ice cream month.

next up, we stopped at the route 66 museum in pontiac, illinois.

they had this cute vw van that was the inspiration for the character Fillmore in the movie Cars.

the route 66 museum was  connected to war museum. we decided to check that out too. it was cool, yet creepy. the main creepiness was the mannequins....and the fact that no one else was in this part of the building, but they did have some neat little exhibits.

this little city also had a variety of murals to check out. those were fun!

we finally made it to chicago! after we got checked in & all that fun stuff, we grabbed some chicago-style pizza because no chicago trip is complete without it. =)

we tried lou malnati's which was a much better experience than last year's pizza place.
 and that concludes day one! stay tuned for much more.