Thursday, August 1, 2013

chicago (day 2)

alright, here we are with day two!

we woke up super early in order to walk to this donut place & make it back it time for the first session.

so many yummy flavors!
mayci went with the maple bacon donut.

now on to some of the sessions.

tedashii led a devotional session on suffering using the book of job as his text.

there were many great workshops to choose from. mayci & i attended most of the biblical womanhood workshops. this one was led by blair linne. 

they also had a spoken word cafe going on during the lunch break. blair linne, along with some other spoken word artists, performed this day. this picture is of janette...ikz. she has a piece i really love that you can watch here.

lots & lots of coffee on this trip. you can see who is the coffee snob. =)

for dinner we ate at sprinkles cupcakes. yeah, for dinner! when you're on 'vacation' that's just what you do.

sprinkles has this incredibly brilliant cupcake atm, although we ordered our cupcakes inside so we could get a good look at all the flavors.

the general session for this night was taught by trip lee. we sat in the very last row.

after the general session, legacy has late night concerts where christian hip-hop artists perform. this night featured skrip, beautiful eulogy, propaganda, & tedashii. i had never heard of beautiful eulogy, but became a quick fan!
 well, that concludes day 2! are you ready for day 3?