Friday, August 2, 2013

chicago (day 3)

 day three in chicago! are you tired of chicago posts yet? don't worry; they will cease soon. 
shai linne led the morning devotional. his message was on the work of the holy spirit. it was an encouraging reminder of the active work of the holy spirit!

had to eat that chicago style hot dog. 

mayci tried pinkberry. i think she was satisfied.

i tried a coffee shop down the road. it was decorated with superhero wall art. =)

i was super excited to visit this paper shop we went to last year. they always have the cutest displays.

this is the face of an exhausted conference attendee.

for dinner, we met up with mark, amanda, & jeremy. i know most of my pictures seem to be of the food, but when you're at a conference, there's not much else you have time for!

we had just enough time to let them experience the magicness of the cupcake atm.

 dark chocolate cupcake!

after dinner, we headed back to hear dr. john piper. what a pleasure to hear this man preach in person! his sermon was on 2 corinthians 4:16-18.

after piper, there was another late night concert featuring kb, shai linne, thi'sl, vrose, flame, & more! a great way to end a great day.