Monday, July 8, 2013

christmas in july.

we do not have an annual family reunion so everyone gathering together is a special thing. this family reunion reminded me of christmas, a christmas in july! we were able to see everyone we normally only see (maybe) once a year, plus about 40 more folks - 75 people altogether. with many living in different states, it's a rare thing for all of us to be in the same state, so we enjoyed every minute. 

not only was there good company, but TONS of delicious, homemade food. let's take a moment to acknowledge the pies. seriously, these southern missouri women know how to do it right. blackberry, pecan, sugar vanilla, apple - we had it all. the blackberry pie was like a itsby bitsy sliver of heaven! haha. looking through my photos, i only had one (blurry) picture of the pies, but it was sure worth including (and this picture is only ONE of the dessert tables).

my great aunt holding a tiny bunny living in her yard.