Friday, July 19, 2013

doppelganger time (part 2)

well, i had so much fun doing celebrity comparisons that i'm already back with round 2. i had some in mind that i wanted to do & then i also received some suggestions. so, here we go!

 rachel & rachel
first up is my friend rachel, who happens to look like another rachel (mcadams). blonde or brunette, bangs or no bangs, they look alike. rachel pointed out that they even have the same mole under their lip. haha!

jessica & jenna malone
i know jessica wouldn't fully agree, but at certain times her & jenna look alike, especially this picture because of the make-up.

stephanie m. & emilie de ravin
someone pointed this one out & once i took the time to look, it was so obvious! i'm surprised i've never noticed this before in my LOST watching years. (thanks, jessica for bringing this one to my attention)

scott/bob & mythbusters guys
 how many people can say they go to a church where the elders look like those mythbusters guys? i mean stuff like this needs to be advertised on the church website. haha. this comparison has been done before & they even dressed up like them at a TVland party, but i still found it necessary to do my side by side. 

 merri & merida
UPDATE - i forgot to include merri & merida in this post (sorry, merri). i think it may be the gorgeous red hair that makes them look alike. ;)
i still have a few more potential candidates for comparsion so there may be another doppelganger post in the future.