Monday, July 1, 2013

thankful thirteen (june edition)

here's a recap of thirteen things i'm thankful for during the month of june:
  1. the strength & grace of God displayed in a young widow at my church (her husband died at the beginning of this month)
  2. seeing  the body of believers caring for the orphans & widows in their distress. amazing.
  3. we serve a LIVING redeemer. hallelujah!
  4. one of my best friends became an engaged lady. yay! 
  5. finding a bridesmaid dress (so trivial, yet so important).
  6. healthy desserts.
  7. fatty desserts.
  8. i won $100! i'm on a roll. (no, i don't gamble. it was for simply filling out an alumni survey. ha)
  9. protection during camping, particularly from a horrible storm 2 miles up the road.
  10. iced lattes (like, everyday).
  11. free tickets to the muny.
  12. when it's raining, but the sky is still bright blue (you know, the kind that produces rainbows).
  13. gel tech nail polish.   
"giving thanks always and for everything to God the Father in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ..."     Eph. 5:20