Thursday, August 8, 2013

a long time ago...

i'm so excited for this blog post! cue the imperial march because it's time for a recap of STAR WARS NIGHT AT BUSCH STADIUM!!!

 but before i get ahead of myself, let's start at the beginning for that's a very good place to start.
stef & i grabbed some gus' to take to the game. it is a st. louis tradition.

but first, coffee.

this is a postcard that i found at my grammy's. i believe it's from the 1970s. i've been wanting to take this picture for awhile so i'm thankful i was able to get it BUT...

a man came up & wanted to take our picture. nice gesture, but it started spiraling downhill & then he wanted us to pay him for taking the picture. we decided it best to leave right then. so i only got that one shot above. oh well, may be i'll get another opportunity to attempt that photo a different day.

well, there were so many memorable stories that i could write about from this night. just a lot of funny circumstances that probably aren't worth sharing. that's what happens at star wars night.

horrible lighting + giving camera to stranger=extremely blurry shots still worth sharing.  =)

this guy was not part of the legion that dressed up, but he was the only han solo i could find!

this was the first time busch stadium had a star wars night & it was quite a fun night circling the entire ballpark at least 7 times trying to find boba fett & darth vader. we were waiting in line to get a picture with boba & they took a break right after the people in front of us. yup, they stopped when we were next. haha! stef was determined though & photobombed someone else's picture so her dream would come true. also, i can officially add "stalking darth vader" to my resume, although we never saw him long enough to get a picture.