Saturday, August 3, 2013

chicago (day 4&5)

hip hip hooray! we're onto the last chicago days! day 4 was our day to be touristy & explore the city. we ended up doing a lot of the same things we did last year, but it was still fun.
first off, we wanted to hit up this doughnut place we saw last year, but was closed. the doughnut vault is one of those places that close when they sell out of doughnuts. we got there early & there was already a line around the block. when we left, there was still a line wrapping around the block.
i guess with a name like doughnut vault, you really couldn't go wrong. they certainly were worth the wait! mayci & i both agreed that the almond doughnut was the best.

we took a stroll by lake michigan. just a little side tip we learned during this time: if you want someone to take a group picture for you, just start taking selfies. works every time. 

we went to chicago's chinatown during lunchtime. as we were taking pictures, an older man approached us & started to tell us these horror stories of eating in chinatown to the point where i was starting to feel hesitant to eat anywhere! he recommended a restaurant, that oddly enough, we ended up eating at.

this is my yummy caribou coffee.

this is the picture i took as i spilled that yummy coffee all down my shirt.

and a quick visit to navy pier, which was entirely too crowded, but we had to get that garrett's popcorn.

and that concludes day 4! our last day in chicago, mayci & i had a few fun things planned before we headed out. unfortunately, i woke up that morning in severe pain. i won't go into all the juicy details, but i was in no way suitable to do anything. john piper preached on 'light & momentary affliction' & that is what i had to remind myself of that entire day. being far from home & traveling back was in no way fun, but the Lord sustained me. i was also SUPER thankful for mayci's selflessness the entire trip, but especially that day. she did so many things for me, plus she had to drive back the whole way since i was incapable of driving. thanks, mayci!!
we made a 2 hour pit stop at a walgreens take care clinic so i could get some medicine. mayci snapped that picture, which at the time i was not too thrilled about, but decided to include it anyway. this is probably the only picture i'll ever post of me without make-up. haha! =)