Sunday, August 11, 2013

donuts. donuts. donuts.

there is a reason why the title of this blog post has donuts written three times. it's almost too embarrassing to say, but yes, we had donuts at THREE separate places on the same day. gasp! i should clarify that this is not the norm and we do eat relatively healthy around here, but that's not really as fun to blog about. we had no intention of eating at these donut places today, but sometimes you have to live a little & go where the donuts lead. whatever that means....
here we are smiling nonchalantly, innocently garage sailing, having no idea what the day had in store for us.

we stopped at ex cop donut shop. i'm going to take a minute & BRAG on this place. i have been there a handful of times & have never been disappointed. even stef (the donut enthusiast) majorly approves. the owners are husband/wife & both are former cops. they are super nice & friendly people.

while there today, the owner informed us that they will be premiering their own reality tv show on TLC august 28th. how exciting! he also showed us their submission video. i hope this helps promote their business because they sure deserve it. 

i told everyone on facebook to go visit especially before the shop becomes popular & they raise their prices. haha! =)

and here's my last photo to convince you to go to ex cop. i should mention that all 7 of us split this one donut. maybe that will help you think we're not extreme fatties. =)

so, we also happened to be in an area that has another bakery some of us have been wanting to try. mom has a mission, a higher calling in life, to determine who makes the best chocolate long john. she bought one here & then went down the road & purchased one at QuikTrip, which is her all time favorite. She did an official side by side taste test AND..... QT is still number #1.
 "nothing compares to QT." ~ mommaloving
here we are ~ tummies full after splitting donuts. *notice the emphasis on splitting. haha. that's just what large families do. =) anyway, this garage sale day turned into an unexpected girls' day out. we were so happy jaclyne was able to join us!