Tuesday, August 13, 2013

let's go on a (st. louis) adventure.

while browsing our local library's website, i stumbled across this st. louis book. i did not know such a book existed! after further research, i discovered that it just came out this year so the book is updated with current AND older attractions! exploring st. louis is just something i enjoy when possible (i think this blog is a testament of that), so i knew checking this out was a must. although i haven't fully read it yet (i'm around #30), i was able to quickly skim the book. many of the things i have done or heard of before, but there were a few ideas that may call for an adventure & that is just what i was hoping for! i love that this is not a "best of" list, but a tool to give you a "rounded St. Louis education, a great start on piecing together the puzzle of this magnificent city, an appreciation for what we have." also what i love? the activities are divided by seasons in the back! just a little perk for this seasonal (FALL!) lover.

who knows? some of the ideas in the book may be documented on this here blog in the upcoming months. let's hope so because autumn is right around the corner (!) and that is most definitely the best time to explore & begin adventures. well, fall is just THE BEST in general.