Tuesday, August 20, 2013

#timanie wedding shower

over the next 3 weeks, there will probably be an overflow of #timanie posts. i'm just giving a fair warning now. when one of your best friends of 20 years is getting married, i think it's perfectly acceptable to do multiple blog posts. this one is from the co-ed wedding shower that our church gave the couple. and, yes, i always feel the need to hashtage #timanie, even when it's not necessary.
mommaloving: the mastermind behind all decorations.
mom used their wedding colors along with their theme of coffee & old books as inspiration for the decor.

loved how the cans as vases turned out!

the tuckahoe tribe's massive gift to the harrelsons.

our church always has a 'share time' at showers. married couples give Godly advice/wisdom that they have learned.

we didn't plan on matching, but i'm glad we did. =)

 aren't they cute?! everything was beautiful & brunch was delicious. timanie's big day will be here before we know it!