Sunday, September 29, 2013

strange folk.

rachel, danielle, & i headed up to illinois on saturday to browse the strange folk festival. strange folk is a festival featuring lots of indie vendors & fun activities. the weather couldn't have been any better that day!

strange jewelry. strange crafts. strange food. strange animals. strange art. strange friends. =)


Saturday, September 28, 2013

mawwiage (a princess bride shower)

 on friday we celebrated billy & sarah's engagement with a princess bride themed shower (well, actually it was called an 'equipping' since it was co-ed, but whatev). if you read this blog, then you know my love for themed parties! it was a beautiful shower that was very billy & sarah, complete with many princess bride references, lots of woodsy colors, good fellowship, a fake rat, & even princess bride inspired costumes sported by the couple. also, because of this shower, we officially designated them with the hashtag #billyandsarahmawwiage. i really don't know their feelings on that yet. =)

once again, my momma was the mastermind behind all the decorating. although i know she does not want any recognition, it wouldn't be fair to leave out all the hard work & time she spent on making this shower absolutely perfect for billy & sarah. she even watched the princess bride! that is a HUGE accomplishment for someone who rarely watches any movies & on a side note (because i know you're all dying to know), she did not hate it. =)

 not actual decor, but i liked the way it looked.

it is evident that billy & sarah are madly in love & the light of Christ shines through them! i am looking forward to seeing how the Lord will use their marriage for His glory. 

one more thing ~
i must include this video of my kickin rad brother doing an awesome impression because he's just cool like that.

we've been quoting that speech all week, but he sure does it the best. 

Thursday, September 26, 2013

sunsets & cemeteries

okay, so maybe i stole jessica's blog post title, but, hey i liked it & i don't think she cares. we have this thing (call it a new tradition) where we like to watch the sunset at a cemetery. it may sound creepy & morbid, but it is a lovely view on top of a hill with an amazing old barn. this picture was also taken at the same cemetery. jessica was out of town this past week & i anxious to see her! it's nice to have a friend back. it's nice to have my neighbor back. it's just nice.

Monday, September 23, 2013

let's spend the afternoon in a cold hot air balloon.

the weather here was beautiful over the weekend - sunny with the high of 75! on saturday, we cheered on my brother at his first home game for his homeschool football team. go #87!!
cheering on the boys!
and that's my other brother in white ~ the wondrous waterboy! he's not old enough to play yet, so instead i dress him up like a hobbit. =)
the cutest cheer squad.
 after the game, mayci, mysti, & i headed up to forest park to watch the great forest park balloon race. the balloon race (and balloon glow) are fun events to attend, but they sure are crowded! if you ever choose to go, just beware that parking is a mini nightmare.
these extra large critters were just photos ops waiting to happen.

this is an energy-type drink that was created in st. louis...kind of cool.

st. louis is anticipating its first jamba juice set to open in october.
and the balloons are off!
there wasn't a cloud in sight during the entire race.