Sunday, September 15, 2013

a day in the life (countryside edition)

 'a day in the life' post from yesterday.

this gorgeous, fall-like weather makes me so happy....happy enough to break out the darth vader mug.
my sister gave me this vintage paul mccartney pin. it looks like it's from the beatlesmania period. i really, really like it.
the girls & i went to a vintage shop that just opened up in st. louis this past week.
fun to look through, but not so much to buy. =) i love the color-coordinated clothes & floral collage wall!
next, we traveled to the middle of nowhere, illinois. my niece was my little travelin' buddy.
it was a beautiful day for an outdoor wedding.

 hey, fall weather, i hope you're here to stick around for awhile now. you make me happy, so please don't leave. =)


Abigail ~ said...

oh my goodness, that vintage shop looks divine! i just love color coordinated clothing, especially when it's vintage dresses. sadly, here in Kansas, i have yet to find any stores that are actually vintage, so all that looks just like a dream to me.
love the cornfield photos. our corn isn't near that high yet!