Monday, September 23, 2013

let's spend the afternoon in a cold hot air balloon.

the weather here was beautiful over the weekend - sunny with the high of 75! on saturday, we cheered on my brother at his first home game for his homeschool football team. go #87!!
cheering on the boys!
and that's my other brother in white ~ the wondrous waterboy! he's not old enough to play yet, so instead i dress him up like a hobbit. =)
the cutest cheer squad.
 after the game, mayci, mysti, & i headed up to forest park to watch the great forest park balloon race. the balloon race (and balloon glow) are fun events to attend, but they sure are crowded! if you ever choose to go, just beware that parking is a mini nightmare.
these extra large critters were just photos ops waiting to happen.

this is an energy-type drink that was created in st. louis...kind of cool.

st. louis is anticipating its first jamba juice set to open in october.
and the balloons are off!
there wasn't a cloud in sight during the entire race.