Monday, September 2, 2013

stef gets a clue.

last saturday, we woke up bright & early for a whole day full of fun bachelorette surprises! now, i will try to do my best explaining the entire day while keeping it fairly simple, yet stating the important details. obviously, the whole clubbing/night life/acting-like-a-moron really isn't our thing. the bridal party wanted to do something fun & unique for stephanie. we tossed around a bunch of ideas, but decided to do a progressive-mystery-lunch/dinner party. each bridesmaids picked a different location to eat ~ appetizer, salad, main course, dessert. here's where it gets tricky: each bridesmaid ONLY knew the location they picked. therefore, we could help stef solve the puzzle for every location except our own. stef's mom (amy) & another friend, also named stephanie, were the masterminds behind the clues. they came up with fun ideas & activities for each secret clue.

our starting point was at stef's house. the week before we had given her one clue in poem form that told her she needed to dress up 1940s-50s vintage-inspired. here we are before all our make-up sweated off. =)
mom's skirt in all it's splendor.

stephanie has just received her first clue! she is going to be nancy drew for a day. she now knows that each clue will lead her to a new location & they will mainly be food joints. to reveal her first place of the day, she was supposed to pop balloons that held clues. unfortunately, all the balloons popped once they hit the ground. it didn't take her long to figure out that the first stop was going to be the new premium outlets that just opened last week.
once we arrived at the outlet, each bridesmaid eventually received a text message stating a store number. we went to the directory to see what store correlated with the number. an example of this is that we were texted #534 so we looked on the directory & that store was rue 21. each number texted was a store that had a number (saks 5th avenue, perfume 4 U, etc...) & when all the numbers were added (and multiplied) it equaled 54, which only meant one thing ~ we were going to 54th street grill for appetizers!
but first we had to finish up a little shopping. 
stef found the wedding earrings she had been looking for & they were 40% off!
and a quick trip to the disney store as requested by the MOB.
54th street has some of the best strawberry lemonade
appetizer time!
after we shared some appetizers, we received another text telling us that we needed to purchase a can of green beans using only pennies. this was a step in receiving the next clue.
we scrounged up some pennies to make our big purchase.
after checking the price of green beans, we realized that we were short about 15 cents. kim went to guest services to exchange some other coins for pennies.
the target worker was super friendly & even gave a little speech on the our video camera. 
after purchasing the beans, amy informed us that each bridesmaid must eat 5 cold green beans before the next clue was to be given. i won't mention names (jessica) started gagging at the thought of eating these greens. amy said that another bridesmaid could eat 5 for someone else. lucky for us, kim LOVES green beans & volunteered as tribute to eat all 20 green beans. thanks, kim! 
after a few clues it was discovered that we were going for the salad stop next to a place appropriately called "green bean."
while sharing our salads, a stranger walked up to stef & enquired, "are you the bride?" she handed her a piece of paper that contained our next clue, the italian flag.
stef solved that one quick & exclaimed, "the hill!" now, she wasn't sure what we were going here for as we were not eating main course yet. amy gave her a map of the hill with a highlighted area. the place we were going was within the highlighted zone, but in order to find out she had to walk in and ask if she was at the right place. she would only know if she was at the right place if the worker responded about her getting married next week.
there were two places that stephanie was considering as her options. she decided to try shaw's coffee first & sure enough, she received her magical answer.

i really enjoyed our little comfy cozy vault where we enjoyed our delicious coffee.

time for another clue! this time we had to pin on the clues & let stef guess. i think this one was the hardest for her. =)
the first couple clues were smokey, greasy, & turkey so she was guessing that we were going to a BBQ joint. that is until the foot fungus clue. nasty. after a few more clues, she figured it out. did you?
the answer is GELATO! just kidding. it's bowling, but we squeezed in little pit stop to grab some italian gelato because it's one of stef's faves. oh yeah, and that's me doing a classy photo bomb.

i think now would be a good time to mention the amount of stares, comments, & compliments that we received throughout the entire day. i guess it took me by surprise because it didn't look like we stood out that much, minus mom's poofy skirt.

now here comes one of the highlights of the day. about a little over halfway through our bowling time, amy informs everyone that we need to turn around and face opposite the door because a surprise guest would be entering soon. we all anxiously turn around and wait and then suddenly.....we hear the bagpipes begin to play. we turn around and lo & behold....

stef's dad is here to deliver our next clue sporting his finest kilt & best accent! he reads his poem, but the biggest clue is his irish self.
stef quickly guesses our main course: llywelyn's pub!

we finished up our bowling & headed over to eat **with a little detour thrown in at some point that i won't expound upon. =)
little did stef know that she had another surprise guest waiting for her....stephanie m! she's one of the brains behind the whole thing.
stephanie (on the left) delivered to stef (on the right) the last clue which would lead to our dessert destination. if you look at stephanie's shirt, it's a pretty big clue. BLONDIES.

more coffee & then dessert.
yummy desserts & live music.

and i'll end with this final picture because it made me laugh.

 overall, the 13 hour bachelorette party was successful & fun! so many memorable moments. i have a full slew of people i want to acknowledge & thank:

Stephanie M. & Amy - for all their hard work in coming up with the clues & making everything come together. thank you!

Mayci - for being our official videographer/photographer. that is NOT an easy job. 98% of the photos you just viewed were taken by her. thank you!

Scott - for doing something amazing for your daughter like wearing a kilt. that moment was priceless & unforgettable. thank you!

Mysti & Merri - for watching jessica's kids. i'm saying this on behalf of her. =) thank you!