Tuesday, September 3, 2013

strange minions (labor day weekend)

this labor day weekend was busy & wonderful. one extremely happy moment for me was that starbucks released their pumpkin spice lattes early! the weather was humid that day, so i opted for it iced. i'm one of those PSL fanatics. those crazy ones who count down the days until pumpkin spice arrives & considers it the beginning of fall once it does come.

we celebrated my brother's birthday friday night. donuts & milkshakes per his request.
i post this picture because i feel that stef, jessica, & i end up matching each other often. this was taken friday night.
this was taken sunday morning. when you've been bff's for 20 years, these kind of things just happen.
it was stef's last sunday at our church before she moves!
sunday we had a sweet family over who live out of state. always a great time fellowshipping with them. all i really got pictures of from that afternoon is my adorable niece wearing an adorable bonnet.

monday morning i got up bright & early - earlier than i would on a normal monday! why you ask? for donuts, of course. i'm beginning to get slightly ashamed at the amount of donut posts that are accumulating on this blog.
we stood in line amongst 100 other people to be one of the first to taste a new donut invention: the gooey butter donut. 
strange donuts is not open yet, but i'm looking forward to tasting their creations!

great spending time with these lovely ladies.
so, i made them pose with their donuts. haha. they were troopers.
that night we celebrated my cutie of a nephew's birthday. it was a minion party!
someone got in trouble!

i love themed parties! my sis did such a good job. how darling on these minion cupcakes?!

and finally, this picture is from today. as much as i LOVE a starbucks' PSL, kaldi's baked maple pumpkin latte is just divine & puts starbucks to shame.

the weather has cooled off a bit so i'm hoping that fall temperatures will be sweeping in soon!


Merri Loving said...

I love your blog! Great posts, great photos, and a great sis!