Monday, September 16, 2013

when the leaves FALL down.

we have had our first bout of fall weather & that makes me so thrilled! as i'm sure it's becoming increasingly evident, fall is my absolute favorite season. there is no comparison! i'm a fall-lovin' gal.  bonfires, boots,& burnt orange. lattes, leaves, & layers. sweaters & scarves. football & FALL PLAYLISTS! yes, one of the reasons i love autumn is for the playlists. "what is a fall playlist?" my sister innocently asked the other day. ummm....good question. a fall playlist is simply music that reminds me of autumn & it's an extra bonus if the lyrics include fall-y words such as "leaves" "sweater" or "crisp." haha. also, certain voices (i'm looking at you, regina spektor) just remind me of the wonder of fall & are automatically added to the playlist. yup, i'm pretty much a big sucker for seasonal playlists, especially fall-related. everyone now has permission to mock me for my seasonal playlist obsession.

this is a condensed version (41 songs) of my full playlist, which is approximately 113 songs. i'm always adding to it!  if anyone has any songs that remind them of autumn, let me know & i'll give it a listen.