Tuesday, October 22, 2013

a stroll down memory lane...

with the lee's annual 'non-halloween' party coming up on saturday  AND with the cardinals playing in the world series, this week presented itself as the perfect opportunity to take a stroll down memory lane. 
let's start with the lee's 2012 costume party. last year's theme was tv land & it was so much fun! can you guess the characters below?
in case you need some hints: L-R (clockwise) ~ x-files, minnie mouse, baseball player, mythbusters, carol brunett, legends of the hidden temple, fred & wilma flintstone, june cleaver, april o'neil, cory & topanga.

 two years ago around this time in october, the cardinals won the 2011 world series! we had an impromptu baseball party the night that the cards were declared the champions. 

the children made some punny signs.

what happy memories! themed parties are the best. go cards!


**all these pictures were taken by mayci. =)