Friday, October 25, 2013

anne with an 'e' (part II - historical avonlea)

 "I'm so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers." - L.M. Montgomery, Anne of Green Gables

 i'm so super pumped to share these particular photos because i believe that my sister, merri, makes the perfect anne of green gables! this belief may have something to do with the red hair & all. =) 
if you missed the memo, here's the scoop: ashley over at bramblewood fashion  is hosting an avonlea fashion week. i already posted my 'modern/inspired by' anne of green gables look. if you missed it, click here. i will now be sharing merri's historical outfit.
i asked merri if she would be willing to dress up as historical anne & she was happy to oblige. she was even considering being anne for our upcoming fall costume party!
to put together this historical look, merri borrowed my shirt & shoes (both thrifted), & our momma's skirt. i think it came out quite nicely.
we were planning on doing the young version of anne with braids, but felt this particular outfit called for the more sophisticated anne with her hair in a bun.
the picture above is probably my favorite from the whole lot.

 merri did such a fabulous job! thank you so much, merri, for letting me kidnap you for an evening to get these shots. i had a such a hard time narrowing down the pictures. thanks again, to ashley for hosting such a wonderful event. it was fun to put these posts together! remember if you want to follow along, then use the hashtag #avonleafw.

Sarah Crow said...

This is too cool!

Maggi Loving said...

thanks, sarah! it was so much fun. =)

Bill E. said...

Another great job, Maggi. Thanks to my OCD, I'm seeing another album cover in #5. And that would be number 5, not hash tag 5.

Bill (with a B)

Maggi Loving said...

thanks, bill with a b! that particular photo is my favorite. =)