Friday, October 25, 2013

anne with an 'e' (pt. 1 - modern avonlea)

 It's been my experience that you can nearly always enjoy things if you make up your mind firmly that you will.”
― L.M. Montgomery, Anne of Green Gables

 this past year, i rekindled my love for anne of green gables. i didn't plan to do that; it just happened. that love has always been there from my childhood years, but somewhere along the road i had forgotten about it. it all started when i began rereading the books & watching the movies. it's safe to say that i haven't looked back since.
   then, about 2 months ago, i discovered ashley over at bramblewood fashion (probably through googling anne of green gables costumes...ha!). i appreciate any blog that encourages women to dress modestly & that is exactly the purpose of ashley's blog. when i saw she was hosting another anne of green gables fashion week, i knew i had to give it a go for the sake of my rekindled love! i chose to dress up in the modern/inspired by anne category. this is my first official 'outfit' post (i don't plan on doing many more, except for fun things like this) & my first blog link up all rolled together into one nice, little post.

so, in typical maggi fashion, my 'modern' category quickly turned vintage looking. oh well, it was still inspired by anne.
i opted for soft pastels & florals. i think the floppy hat with this style outfit reminded me of a version of what anne is wearing when she first arrives in green gables.
i must mention this floppy hat was purchased at dollar tree for - you guessed it, $1.00! you can't beat a dollar floppy hat.

this outfit seemed 'teacher-like' which was quite fitting for an anne post.
i used these flowers as a prop in a different picture & this is what happened after. this picture reminds me more of a lumineers' song than anne of green gables, but i liked the artsy feel of it. 

 i had so much fun dressing up in my anne inspired outfit. if you want to follow along on social media, check out the hashtag #avonleafw. i am SO EXCITED to share merri's historical avonlea look later today. it's gonna be good!