Thursday, October 10, 2013

october snapshots.

here's a few snapshots of the beginning of the glorious month known as october. ***with a few end of september pictures thrown in as well. let's start with last weekend, which was the first weekend of october. our church had its 3rd annual family camp. it's a wonderful retreat that leaves one feeling exhausted and refreshed all at the same time. the area where we camp does not have any service, but i attempted to carry my phone around to use as a camera. after looking through the pictures on my phone, i realized i didn't do that fab of a job. needless to say, family camp pictures are limited.

marissa & i decided to be adventurous on the day the weather super bipolar. 

...and that concludes family camp pictures. lame, i know.
moving on to some nautical cuteness overload.
these mommas didn't even plan to match together. super cute!
now let's progress to food pictures (a necessity). this 13(?) layer s'more cake was made by mommaloving for mysti's birthday.  13 layers of pure deliciousness.
happy apples=happy maggi
let's not overlook the pumpkin party picture. i'm so thankful that trader joe's, target, and the entire internet goes crazy for everything pumpkin. i happily & willingly join the masses of crazies because pumpkin is worth it and it's SEASONAL. i have to get my fill while it is available. i am even that ridiculous person who bought those nasty pumpkin spice M&M's (not pictured) that you passed by in the store & silently asked yourself, "who would ever buy that?" yup, i did.

yesterday, we watched the cards win the NL division series! the seriousness of the number six should never be underestimated....or the number seven when your picture is photobombed.

and that's the start of a busy october!