Sunday, October 27, 2013

the 'non-halloween' party.

over the past couple of years, the lee's host a wonderful event that has been dubbed the 'non-halloween' party. the non-halloween party is basically a costume party with a theme. i already mentioned in a previous post that last year's theme was TV land & the year before that was  'nerd' themed. this year's theme was a book party so we had the wonderful privilege to dress up in whatever book character we chose. check out some of the costumes!

the ever adorable peter pan & family. =)
don't mess with hook.
another peter pan showed up & this time he brought his shadow.
101 dalmatians. how darling!
some of the cutest pups around!
another appearance by mr. bilbo baggins.
AND another appearance by anne of green gables.
we're big fans of andrew peterson's wingfeather saga. pictured is leeli & peet the sock man.
me as ms. madeline
wreck it ralph (photo bombed by waldo)
take a ride on the magic school bus with ms. frizzle!
ragedy ann & andy
a librarian & her library.

we had a great time fellowshipping & cheering on the cards to victory! thank you to the lee household for hosting this fun tradition.